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'Face Off': Fascinating season finale

McKenzie Westmore host on Face Off
Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images

The season finale of “Face Off” played out last night, and it was one of the best yet in this fascinating reality television show that depicts awe-inspiring creativity and passion. The three finalists George, Tyler and Rashaad would need to create 2 rival races based on a constellation of their choice, George chose “Cetus”, Tyler “Ursa Major”, and Rashaad “Leo”, not only would the make-ups need to be cohesive, but also have a lighted detail, and withstand a dance routine.

The finalists had 4 days to complete their creations and also the assistance of 2 previously eliminated contestants. There were issues at first from all camps, each trying their best to be on top and win the coveted prize, the final products as it has been throughout this entire season were fascinating, and even more spectacular due to the time constrain that they had to produce such fabulous pieces of work. The make up in all couples was cohesive and believable; there was no question that any one of the three could be the winner.

Then came time for the judges to speak to all 3 artists and get insight in how they were inspired for their respective creations. Rashaad who had a rip on the female’s makeup still managed to cover it in such a way that it blended into the finished product, all artists received praise and were commended on out of this world make ups throughout the season, but unfortunately there could only be one winner and this was Rashaad. This artist at first produced makeup that kept him save but unable to stand out, however, for the last four weeks he has consistently won challenges and began to emerge as a true contender; awesome work and congratulations to Rashaad for fabulous work that left viewers amazed from week to week.

“Face Off” runs on Tuesday at 9 p.m. EDT on SYFY and next season hopefully will be as fascinating, or better.

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