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'Face Off:' Alien civilizations in distress

McKenzie Westmore host on Face Off
Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images

On Tuesday night’s episode the 14 contestants were divided into teams of 2 and asked to create a suitable makeup for creatures from another civilization based on their distress signal inscribed in a crop circle; Niko & Corinne’s message “We need water”, Chloe & Graham’s “Gravity changing”, George & Bethany’s “Polluted toxic environment”, Tess & Daniel’s “Overcome with disease”, Cat & Matt’s “Our sun is dying”, Darren & Tanner’s “Ice caps melting”, Rashaad & Tyler’s “”Global famine”.

The works were creative as usual, and viewers are refreshed that no drama, so far, has taken place this season, or one artist who is dislikeable and talks down to others. It became clear from the start that George and Bethany didn’t quite grasp the challenge and the makeup didn’t seem to fit the premise of the task, neither did Cat and Matt’s, and this last makeup artist was in the bottom last week.

Once the judging began it became apparent that George, who by the way was at the top the first week, this week came short along with his partner. Niko & Corinne’s was at the top and won the challenge overall they definitely grasp the challenge and understood the ins and outs and produced a makeup that was just fascinating, something that was credible and could indeed pay homage to a civilization that is dying from thirst. And once the judging was done, Bethany was sent home, once again Matt was saved.

Face Off” runs on Tuesday at 9:00 p.m. EDT on SYFY.

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