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Face of Jesus found on Mars? (Photo)

Has the face of Jesus Christ ben spotted on Mars?
Has the face of Jesus Christ ben spotted on Mars?

Has the face of Jesus been spotted looking out from the surface of Mars?

New findings by paranormal researcher Scott Waring support the possibility, after he published a series of photos on his blog, UFO Sightings Daily, on Jan. 24, which bear an uncanny resemblance to a traditional looking Jesus Christ, a goat's head fossil turned on its side and what looks like the fossilized profile of a big cat's head sticking out of the bleak Martian landscape.

The images are part of a collection Waring discovered poring over some recently released NASA rover photographs showing a panoramic view of the planet.

Painstakingly scanning the high resolution image, Waring makes the focus of his article a strange, snail-like shape jutting out from a rock formation.

But it's the photos he includes later in the blog post which really catch the eye and make one wonder whether Mars ever had the kind of atmosphere capable of supporting life.

Of course, many people will say these images are nothing more than a trick of the light. But Scott Waring's persistence has paid off before, especially when he claimed to have discovered an ancient, fossilized rodent, now dead for millions of years.

That photo went viral all around the world last year and no definitive conclusions have yet been drawn, ruling out the possibility that there might be fossilized remains on the surface of Mars.

It may never be known if these objects are anything more than haphazard collections of sediment illuminated by a beam of sunlight at just the right moment and angle.

But it's undeniable that they bear an eerie similarity to ancient objects found on Earth, some which have baffled researchers for centuries without a full explanation.

What do you think?

Is this the face of Jesus on Mars?

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