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Fabulous Find $5 Chandelier

Fabulous Find $5 Chandelier
Fabulous Find $5 Chandelier
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Thrifty shoppers are always on the hunt for a good deal and garage sales are one of the best places to search. You can find reasonably priced used and new items at a garage sale. And every once in awhile stumble across an incredible treasure for a bargain that was on your 'wanted' list -- such as the chandelier pictured.

The chandelier was purchased at a local garage sale for $5. Its former life was as a display piece in a lighting store, so it was in excellent condition and only missing two crystals. Chandeliers have become popular and are being used to dress up or add personality to the dining room, living room, entry way, bedroom, bathroom and even the porch – making it challenging to find one for an affordable price. Covered in plastic, cast off to the side, and not priced – it was overlooked until an inquisitive thrifty shopping pro asked if it was for sale and for how much. When the response "$5" was uttered, the buyer couldn't get five dollars out fast enough. After all, five dollars wouldn't even buy two crystals, let alone a chandelier filled with crystals and lights.

Sifting through garage sale goods can be exhilarating and sometime frustrating when items aren't priced. If you are committed to thrifty shopping don’t miss out on a treasure because it wasn’t priced. Take the time to inquire.

Garage sales in Minnesota may be off the radar at this time, but moving sales and estate sales are happening weekly. When garage sale season rolls around, check out the garage sale rover ($2.99) and igaragesale ($2.99) apps designed to gather all the garage sales for you, eliminating the need to search newspapers or internet sites such as, and using the GPS on your phone locate the sales. Be sure to buy the Pro version of the Twin Cities developed igaragesale app so you can search and locate sales by keywords.

Don't give up on finding an item on your list. Increase your odds by telling all your friends what you are looking for and how much you are willing to spend.