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Fabulous Fascinator

A Spectacular Saga

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The history of headwear is spangled with frivolity. During the reign of Louis XVI, some women of the French court embellished their elaborate, sky-high coiffures with plumes and sprays of flowers, while others drew stares of amazement at their pouf au sentiment, a display of cherished memorabilia nestled in their bouffant hair (Encyclopedia Britannica Blog, 2011). Having a fascinator is complementary to most articles of clothing. This sensational head accessory has cultivated over time into a necessity for royal and progressive cultures. Clever designers, daring artists, and modest amateur innovators have displayed the fascinator hat in fashion shows, weddings, banquets, and evening outings. It transforms standard attire into dazzling, creative, hand-crafted netting with fabrics and veils. Adornment is limitless and there is no specific or amiss occasion to showcase this ravishing gem. According to Clare Douglas of Post Media News, the fascinator is perfect for keeping blowouts voluminous, light and airy for warm summer nights, and the ability to transform a simple cocktail dress into a formal stunner—the fascinator is turning heads (2011). Some boutique owners, consignment sellers/buyers, and novice trendsetters discover that some withdraw from the idea of bearing fascinators. Reasons for omitting the fascinator from one’s repertoire can vary pending personality preference or general comfort. Fortunately, the Southside Style Guide offers a few simple approaches in selecting a fascinator for the unpretentious beauty.

Fancy that Fascinator

Jeans: Boot cut, straight, skinny, flared, and slouched are just a few of the most commonly worn in denim. No matter the type, a petite fabric mesh flower with a netting base is ideal for casual appearances. The fascinator is further highlighted with a snazzy blazer and flowing print or natural blouse.

Dresses: Sheath, strapless, trapeze, sun, princess, and polo dresses are collective couture charms that are garnished casually, in business or formal affairs. The perfect fascinator for dresses are graced in height, habitually medium or highly elevated. Polo dresses are similar to jeans or slacks in that modestly small head wear is acceptable and recommended.

For additional guidance on how, when, why, and where to use a fascinator, contact Julie Dickerson at

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