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Fabrications on the marriage issue still remain

The marriage definition has fallen victim to political propaganda.
The marriage definition has fallen victim to political propaganda.

The issue of marriage will not go away until the truth comes out.

It is rather perplexing that pro-marriage positions are continuously shown as “controversial”, “hateful”, or “intolerant”. This ongoing negative stereotyping is helped along by a very biased media that has an official position that there is something wrong with religious perspectives on marriage.

The Bay Area’s ABC reporting of San Francisco’s Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone attending a dreaded pro-marriage march in Washington DC this Thursday, June 19th was liberally sprinkled with descriptions of “controversial” in the headlines, photo captions, and on practically every video byte on ABC’s photo page. The word “criticism” was used also.

It was obvious ABC reporter Lyanne Melendez was taking the position that there is something amiss about the Archbishop Cordileone and the Catholic Church having a pro-traditional marriage position. Really?

One of the most annoying aspects concerning the gay marriage issue is that anyone not for gay marriage is labeled negatively. The religious definition of marriage needs to be changed to the new liberalized all inclusive definition of marriage to include gay couples or something is seriously wrong with you.

If you are pro-marriage, then you hate gay people and want to have their constitutional rights stripped away. You want to delegitimize gay families. You are just a very bad evil person.

Gay marriage advocates along with the media absolutely refuse to acknowledge that the Biblical Yahweh God definition of marriage does not need to be changed because a vocal minority says so. The Webster’s Random House standard dictionary definition of marriage is between one man and one woman because that is what the majority agrees……….period.

As with any other word in our linguistic library, words are what they mean because a consensus of people agree that is what the word means. There is no emotionalism or hatred involved as falsely claimed from the beginning of the gay marriage issue…except for a small minority of pro-traditional marriage radicals that are present in any philosophy.

The definition of marriage excludes same sex couples for the same reason the gay definition excludes heterosexuality. No hatred is required, just a straight explanation.

The truth is domestic partnerships and civil unions were created due to the definition of marriage excluding gay couples by definition. The travesty of having second citizen status assigned to both domestic partnerships and civil unions was what needed correcting. It is a blatant lie that the majority want family rights stripped from gay couples.

If any group is showing animosity towards the other, it is the same sex marriage forces that are on a witch hunt to punish anyone that opposed same sex marriage or supported Proposition 8. The CEO of Mozilla was drummed out of his position by these gay agenda forces bent on retribution. A director in the city of Pasadena may lose his job because of a sermon preached in 2006.

Just who are the intolerant bullies?

The government in Denmark is forcing churches to perform same sex marriages. Tyranny is an insatiable force and is never satisfied even if one makes the error of feeding its appetite.

The same social tyranny is being seeded against the churches of America. First it is petitions demanding changes are complied. It is only a matter of time before legislative action forcing participation to do the will of the radical advocates on gay marriage will eventually hit the church.

All one has to do is to take inventory of what has happened to Chick-Fil-A, Mozilla, Hobby Lobby, the director in Pasadena, and a multitude of others that have faced personal sanctions for being on the wrong side of the marriage issue. Attacks on religious freedom are greater now than anytime in American history.

You can bet lawsuits against the church are coming. It has already begun on Christian businesses.

As sure as the sun rises it will happen.

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