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Fabric wreath is made of circles, celebrates Pi

This fabric wreath is made of circles.
This fabric wreath is made of circles.
Paula Hrbacek

The pictured wreath is basically a pillow with several rows of ruffles. It can be stuffed with fiberfill, or a circle of plastic such as a lid from a plastic bucket, or a circle cut from an old election sign. Because it is made of circles, circles and more circles, it could be used as an activity for National Pi Day on March 14. To make one you will need:

  • Holiday fabric that is a thin woven material
  • Circle to trace for a pattern such as a bucket lid or dinner plate
  • Fiber fill or plastic circle
  • Small ring or ribbon to make a hanger
  • Sewing machine, needle and thread
  • Compass
  • Ruler
  • Pins

Begin by making two fabric circles for the back of the wreath. If the wreath is going to be stuffed with a circle from a bucket lid or election sign, add enough of a seam allowance to accommodate the thickness of the plastic. Take one fabric circle, and find the center by folding it in quarters. Using the center mark, use a compass to draw sewing lines; one three inches in from the edge of the circle, and one three inches in from that line, and another three inches in from that line.

Cut strips from fabric that are eight inches wide. Sew the strips together to make two long strips. The outer ruffle should be about 1 ½ times the circumference of the fabric circle. The other two should be about 1 ½ times the circumference of the sewing line. To figure a circumference, take the width of the circle and multiply by three plus a little, or 3.14, Pi.

Sew the ends of the strips together to make a circle. Fold the strips in half, matching the cut edges, and iron flat. Gather the cut edge, and pull the fabric until it fits the sewing line. Pin in place, then top stitch the ruffle in place. Repeat with the inner circle.

Cut another circle of fabric that is one or two inches wider than the space in the middle of the wreath. Gather the edge with a narrow seam. Add a bit of stuffing to the inside of the fabric. Pin the circle over the cut edge of the inner ruffle, and top stitch down.

An option that is not pictured here is to embroider a message or picture on the inner circle before it is sewn down. Another option is to make the circle twice as big as the hole, and then make a yo-yo, which repeats the ruffled look.

Sew a ring or loop of ribbon to the other fabric circle to make a hanging loop. Make sure the loop is placed where it won’t get caught in the outer seam.

After one circle is covered with ruffles, pin the outer ruffle down so that it won’t get caught in the seam. Pin the other fabric circle to this circle, right sides together. Sew the outer seam, leaving enough space to stuff the circle when it is turned right side out. If the wreath is being stuffed with a plastic circle, leave half the seam open. If it is being stuffed with filling, leave a four to six inch space.

Clip the curves and turn the wreath right side out. Stuff the wreath, and then close the final opening.

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