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Fabric Selection for Windows

Bay Window
Bay Window
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Fabric is one of the most popular ways to add pattern and texture to a room. When picking and mixing patterns, the size or scale of the pattern is an important factor to consider. Window treatments are an excellent source to introduce texture into a room. Texture of the fabric can be enhanced by the way the fabric is hung. If you have a small room, try using smooth and shiny fabrics such as silk, satin or chintz. These fabrics reflect light and will make the room appear more open and less stuffy. Of course sheers can open up any room. If you love sheers, try looking for sheers with patterns and colors already sewn into them. This will enhance the look of the window and still allow for natural light. Remember to keep the size and scale of the pattern in mind. If you have a large space like a family room or theater room and you want to give it more of a personal feel, try using fabrics such as tweed, wool and tapestry. Or even a nice smooth velvet. These course fabrics absorb sight and sound. With less of an echo in the room, that home theater surround sound system will sound even better. Once you have chosen your color scheme, decide if your window treatment will be the focal point of your room. Making this decision will help you choose the right fabric, pattern and texture style for your windows.