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Fables on the farm

Cover for Fables:Animal Farm

Fables: Animal Farm is the second collected trade paperback of the series Fables. It picks up shortly after the events of the first storyline.

At the opening of the story, Jack and Rose Red are being dealt their punishments after faking Rose Red's death in the first storyline. Under the watchful eye of Bigby Wolf (the Big Bad Wolf in disguise as a human), Jack is set to janitorial duty as his community service. But Snow White, the mayor of Fabletown, has something else in mind for her sister, Rose. Snow plans to take Rose from New York City to upstate New York where the non-human Fables live on The Farm.

Once on The Farm, Snow White and Rose Red find all the non-human Fables holding a strange meeting and The Farm's top man, Weyland Smith, missing. However, as Rose later points out, Snow acts very naive and accepts the excuses given to her by the other Fables.

However, things aren't right at all on The Farm. The non-human Fables are planning an insurrection and they have the weapons to prove it. Led by Goldilocks (who is sided with the non-humans so that she can overthrow Snow White), the non-humans continue to plot under the nose of Snow White, even killing one of the Three Little Pigs and putting his head on a stake in the middle of town and calling it murder.

Unlike Fables in Exile, which was a rather basic "whodunnit?" mystery, Animal Farm is a political thriller, packed with action and intrigue. The story by Bill Willingham and the art by Mark Buckingham, Steve Leialoha and Daniel Vozzo keep the reader sucked right into the story and on the edge of their seat until the very end and leave an appetite for more.

Locally, Fables: Animal Farm can be found in any of the bookstores in Burlington, as well as at Earth Prime Comics on Church Street and the good folks up at Heroes Kingdom could probably order it for you if they don't have it in stock.


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