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Fable Legends writer: Every hero has 3,000 lines of dialogue, confirms narrative

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If you're a fan of the Fable franchise and are a bit worried about Fable Legends, don't be. Fable Legends is looking better and better everyday. Lionhead Studios is at the helm for this new Fable journey and they seem to be steering this series in an interesting, new direction.

We are happy to confirm that each hero in Fable Legends will have thousands of unique lines of dialogue and that the game will feature an overarching narrative. Andrew Walsh, who is a writer on Fable Legends, confirmed to that the game will indeed have a complete plot and words will not be copied.

"Yes there is [an overarching narrative]. All of the usual [elements] of the Fable narrative [are in the game. Things like] chattering NPCs, ridiculous villages, the storybook-fresco feel we’ve had in previous Fables, all of that is there for you.

"What we also have on top of that is this narrative discovery system where any hero has their own personality and has 3,000 lines of dialogue, filling this whole world up with this contextual system.

"[Your hero] will always say something appropriate to what you’re doing. Each hero will have different things to say about what is happening to you," Walsh said.

The gameplay and cinematics we've seen all suggest this is still the same Fable we've come to love over the years, but there's no denying Fable Legends is a new step for the franchise. Single player will still be a significant factor in Fable Legends, but fans should expect a different type of journey.

If you haven't had a chance to play this game, make sure you've applied for the beta that will kick off later this year. Fable Legends is a game you have to play for yourself, before you can truly understand what the game is attempting to achieve.


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