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‘Fable Legends’ online features inspired by ‘Dark Souls’ and ‘Journey’

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Lionhead Studios recently provided more insight on the origins of Fable Legends five-player online features. Lionhead boss John Needham revealed to Eurogamer on Jan 21 that the inspiration behind the game’s multiplayer mode came directly from playing titles like Dark Souls and Journey. Needham stated that the idea of random players suddenly appearing within another person’s game world made the experience more dynamic and that’s why Fable Legends hopes to borrow similar elements for its own online mechanics.

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The upcoming next-gen entry of the Fable series, for the Xbox One, will introduce a five-player online system in which four people will take on the role of the game’s heroes while the fifth player controls the title’s villain like a Dungeon Master from Dungeons and Dragons.

Unlike previous installments of the franchise, fans won’t create their own hero in Fable Legends. Instead, the game features four pre-made protagonists which each fulfill a specific role of a classic role-playing party such as warrior, rogue, and mage archetypes. However, players will still be able to customize their characters to a certain degree, but it is unknown how in-depth that system will be at this time.

Fable Legends launches as an Xbox One exclusive later this year.

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