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'Fable Legends' on Xbox One shows 'Albion at its most pastoral and primitive'

Excited for Legends?
Excited for Legends?

Fable Legends was revealed last year and we can't wait to see what the new world of Albion looks like, but to help slake your desire for new information, we've uncovered some new details regarding how this world will look and feel.

Recently, Ben Brooks, who is the Lead Content Designer on Fable Legends, described some of the things players should be on the lookout for when it comes to this brand-new version of Albion.

"In many ways, this is Albion at its most pastoral and primitive. The land is a patchwork of small villages and towns, islands in a sea of hostile forest.

"It’s too risky for your average bumpkin to travel, so communications are limited and people are suspicious of outsiders. Each place has its own distinct customs and ways of relating to the magic that surrounds them.

"Even villages just the other side of the hills have enough funny accents, odd clothes and bizarre turnip-rituals to make strangers really seem strange," Brooks said.

It's going to be wonderful to see the landscape of Albion and witness what it looked like before the events of the first Fable took place.

Brooks went on to talk about some of the more dangerous parts of Albion and how players may have some extra hesitation in these certain areas.

"While magic is more common, it’s also uncontrolled. Strange and dangerous creatures lurk everywhere outside the safety of the campfires and village walls. As a result, most people are content to travel only by listening to old stories, tales of a world far too scary to wander into.

"The most danger they tend to risk is scuttling down the bottom of the garden to clean out the chickens, and even that’s asking for trouble (some of the little clucky buggers have pretty sharp beaks). But not everyone hides by the fireside.

"Albion has always been able to find the special few willing to answer the call. Wanderers, adventurers, masters of Will. Old eccentrics and young upstarts. Heroes!" Brooks said.

We do not yet have a release time frame for Fable Legends, but we are very much looking forward to seeing what Lionhead brings with this new vision for the series.

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Thanks, Lionhead.

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