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‘Fable Legends’ multiplayer beta coming to Xbox One this fall

Fable Legends
Fable Legends
Photo courtesy of Lionhead Studios, used with permission

While co-op has been a part of the Fable franchise before, the series’ first appearance on the new hardware will push the multiplayer elements of the game even further by allowing more gamers to play together than ever before in the upcoming Xbox One exclusive. To prepare Fable Legends for its increased focus on cooperative gameplay, Dual Shockers reported on June 9 that a multplayer beta will begin this fall on the Xbox One to make sure that all of the game’s new co-op mechanics are working smoothly.

In recent Fable titles, players have been able to play with only a single other player. Fable Legends, however, will increase the multiplayer to a full four-player co-op title. Unlike past entries that have allowed fans to build their own character. Fable Legends will provide players with a team of pre-built characters to choose from. Each hero is meant to fulfill a specific role in the party from the armored warrior to the spell-casting mage.

All of the characters have their own unique fighting style and abilities and each is designed to strengthen the team in their own way. For example, the shield carrying warrior can defend her teammates while the swashbuckler focuses on dealing damage with his rapier. Fighting from a distance, the mage and a crossbow wielding woodsman help complement the part from afar.

The game doesn’t just stop with increasing the number of players who can cooperatively play together. Fable Legends also allows a fifth person to take on the role of the title’s villain. This player will be presented with an overhead, tactical view of the four heroes in real time and will be able to design their challenges with the ability to set traps and spawn new enemies for them to face.

Lionhead StudiosFable Legends is heading exclusively to the Xbox One. A multiplayer-focused beta test is expected to begin this fall.