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'Fable Legends' game director confirms character switching during single-player

Ready for the beta?
Ready for the beta?
Permission to use photo given by Microsoft

Fable Legends is getting closer and closer to its beta later this year, and with quite a bit of information still being hidden behind curtains, we have a little bit to share with you today. Switching characters is an interesting feature that many players wish were in games with multiple heroes, but not all of them include said feature.

Fable Legends will feature multiple heroes for players to choose from, but you won't be able to equip all of them at once forcing players to choose. Once players have their heroes chosen, David Eckelberry, who is the game director on Fable Legends, confirmed to that the game will allow players to switch between unoccupied heroes and the one they are currently playing as.

"You can [switch between characters] in single-player. We haven’t worked that tech in yet, but it’s not that hard to do. [You can switch between characters] as long as those characters are already in the quest. These are just the first four that we’re building, but there are going to be more than a dozen there for release.

"You are not going to be able to switch to characters that are not playing with you already. On the other hand, if your best friend is playing and he sees you’re online, he can drop in and blow up the AI you’re playing with as long as you okay it," Eckelberry said.

Eckelberry then reflected upon the E3 2014 presentation that Fable Legends received. Saying what the 4v1 combat would be like would've taken far too long, so yes, demonstrating on-screen was the right move.

"It’s something that takes time to explain and to show, and the only way to really do it was to put up five giants screens split-up behind me and say it’s this.

"Yes you can play it single-player, and then we just have AI taking on all of the roles that you’re not currently fulfilling. If you have one hero you’re in love with, [you can do that], and [it’s] like Mass Effect where you have AI sidekicks," Eckelberry said.

Fable Legends' beta will kick off later this year and you can sign up for it here. Fable Legends is an Xbox One exclusive that should launch sometime next year.

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