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‘Fable Legends’: First look at E3 Microsoft conference

Fable Legends banner
Fable Legends banner
Lionhead Studios

The E3 2014 Microsoft press conference was on June 9. Lionhead gave a first look at “Fable Legends” which will be opening the multiplayer beta in Autumn 2014. You can register, or learn more, at

“Fable Legends” offers a unique ability that few games, either past or present, have given. And that’s the ability to be the villain. As the villain, you control the world from above like a malevolent god. Every challenge the hero is about to face, the villain orchestrates it all. And if you’re the villain, it’s your job to orchestrate your worst. Every trap and every spell you’ve seen in the game, you need to throw into the heroes path.

Of course, if you prefer playing the good guy for some reason, there’s always the traditional option to play the hero for “Fable Legends”. You can leave the walls of Brightlodge and set out to complete epic quests and treasures. Whether you want to be the fearless noble, the cunning trickster, the intoxicated brawler, the master of will or a paragon of virtue, you will set out into Albion with three more heroes at your side. With four layer co-op play, you’ll be tasked with defeating evil and protecting Albion.

Are you going to be the hero or the villain? Will you protect Albion or be feared by its inhabitants?