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'Fable Anniversary' will not utilize the original title's control scheme

Gibbet Woods, one of the many locales of the original 'Fable.'
Gibbet Woods, one of the many locales of the original 'Fable.'

A lot of things change in ten years. With a comfortable decade now sitting between us and the release of Fable on the original Xbox standards have undoubtedly evolved. Due to this, Tim Timmins Lead Designer on Fable Anniversary tells us that the control scheme will not remain unchanged.

"I think the way we approached this game was to treat it almost as a brand-new game," Timmins says. "We’ve invested almost 18 months of development time in it and really, we wanted to make sure we were faithful to the original game, while also bringing it up to date. That is without question the hardest challenge."

This is why, Timmins believes, they needed to update the control scheme to utilize the more recent Fable 2's design. "It is very out of date now; a lot of the buttons are in strange places. When I was playing Fable 1, I felt the Fable 2 control scheme would be really nice to actually retro fit into Fable 1. We’ve imported all of the Fable 2 controls, the camera, because if you could remember in Fable 1, the camera back then was very, very different."

How different? For those of you that can't remember it was restricted to only zooming in and out, you couldn't actually look left and right. "[To me] that feels really, really restrictive," Timmins states. "[B]ut then you have to worry about the Fable 1 purists who are going to want to play this exactly as they played ten years ago."

And while this was one area Lionhead wasn't willing to compromise, they are letting players choose how they want to experience the game in other ways. "[W]hen you normally look at a character, they’ll glow green, if they are a friendly or they've got something for you or they’ll glow red. That to me again felt a little bit outdated so we put in the option for people to turn them off or on as they see fit. We really wanted the player to be able to choose how do I want to play Fable Anniversary."

In the end it's all about appealing to new and old fans alike according to Timmins.

"‘Am I new to the game and therefore I want to play it as a game from 2014 or am I old school. It’s Fable 1, my favorite game of all-time and I am a purist,’ so we wanted to appeal to them as well.

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