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‘Fable Anniversary’ goes gold, pre-order bonuses announced

Fable Anniversary
Fable Anniversary
Lionhead Studios

Launching next month on the Xbox 360, Lionhead Studios has now confirmed that Fable Anniversary has officially gone gold. As reported by VG247 on Jan 10, the developer made the announcement while detailing several of the game’s pre-order bonuses. Going gold refers to the point in a game’s production in which the title is content complete and a copy of the game is sent off to begin producing physical copies for sale.

Depending upon which major retailer that Fable Anniversary is purchased from, fans will receive one of three different pre-order bonus packs. Each pack contains an exclusive outfit and weapon for use inside the game. These bonus offers will give players the chance to dress as pirates or in guard uniforms while equipping special crossbows or even a dead fish which can be wielded like a club. Unfortunately, details as to exactly which retailer while be offering each pre-order pack has not be revealed at this time so those wanting a specific pack will have to wait to make sure which store is offering their pre-order bonus of choice.

Fable Anniversary, the full HD remake to the original Fable title, is set to release in February exclusively on the Xbox 360.

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