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Faberge egg found by London antique picker worth $33 million

A Faberge egg unearthed by a London antique picker was purchased just for the value of its gold. The British entrepreneur figured he could scrap the piece and get about $14 grand. Not so, according to the Associated Press via MSN on March 19. This little treasure is literally worth millions as its provenance is that of an imperial Faberge Easter egg made for Russian royalty.

Faberge egg soon to be on show at Wartski's, a london antique shop
Wikimedia Commons: Gryffindor

Kieran McCarthy of Wartski verified that the Russian object is genuine. That said, neither the buyer nor the seller want to be named, but the last time a Faberge egg, one that wasn't imperial, was auctioned at Christie's, the jewel encrusted treasure brought $18.5 million.

That was seven years ago. The worth today is likely to be higher for this imperial egg that is said to be only one of 50 made. In fact, the artifact is estimated to be worth about $33 million says CNN.

The description for the showpiece states that "the egg, which contains a Vacheron Constantin watch, sits on a jeweled gold stand and was given by Alexander III to his wife Empress Maria Feodorovna in Easter 1887."

Wartski's London will put this Faberge egg on display from April 14 to April 17. This is the first time this particular Russian masterpiece will be offered for viewing by the public in the past 112 years. In fact, this will only be the second time anyone of the masses will have ever been able to peek at this rare treasure.

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