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Fab'rik, a Midtown boutique

Leopard print peep toe stilettos, and Leather Gryson bag, a perfect duo!
Leopard print peep toe stilettos, and Leather Gryson bag, a perfect duo!
Malika B. Photography

Local Fashion Boutique Fab'rik features a wide array of unique, eclectic, and recession friendly couture.
With most prices under $100, with the exception of designer denim Rock and Republic, it is breath of fresh air to Atlanta's luxurious Midtown. Fab'rik promises to provided the shopper with a new experience.
The designs are eclectic to say the least, featuring runway looks that are also safe for your pocketbook.

Fab'rik is one boutique that you must stop in, even if to admire the rustic stone floors, chandeliers, and
Brooklynesque brick walls. It would a be an utter injustice to your wallet, wardrobe, and womanhood,
if you don't purchase the latest and chicest designs. While like most boutiques, Fab'rik features a wide array of fashion designers, local Atlanta designers are also featured. The accessories and shoes available can be found in many hues of nude, purple, grey, and yellow leather and suede. Ranging from statuesque stilettos to the classic little black pump.

And what better to accompany the perfect shoe, than a pain-saving device of "haute heelz?"
These oval shaped nude and colored peel-stick pads promised to cushion your toes, arch and heels, while strutting the streets of Atlanta. Also featured are a fashionista's contents for her bag of tricks. You didn't think being a diva was this easy?

Ha! For Betty who loves True Religion jeans, but not the showing of butt cleavage, there is a solution. Voila! Jak's has designed a new line entitled "Miss Oops" which promises to keep you looking like a style maven modestly. They feature lacy tubes that pull over the waist band of low rise jeans yet go under your favorite shirt. Guaranteed to keep it diva and demure on a dime for only $38! Also featured is the infamous "Hollywood Fashion Tape". Without it J.Lo probably wouldn't be J.Lo. Remember that racy Versace dress? Keep it all displayed and draped with this double sized tape.

Come and shop in Fab'rik with the other fashionistas. But beware, if you don't grab it someone else will.
Shop defensively. Shop uniquely.


  • Nadirah,Kansas City Marriage Advice Examiner 5 years ago

    I didnt know u were an examiner!

  • Genna at fab'rik 5 years ago

    Naaisha, thank you so much on behalf of fab'rik for your extremely kind article! We always try to provide a great experience for our customers as well as affordable but chic clothing. We get shipments in daily, so please check back for the latest and "hautest" fashions! Take care!

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