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Fab Faux

If you want to buy something that equals a steal for your money then faux fur is the way to go. Seeing as the season truly did just change to winter, this means that you have a few months to rock the look out.

The original picture that was going to be shown was from, (you won't believe it!), Eddie Bauer. After receiving one of their bad boy faux fur vests for Christmas, it seemed a must to share with you. However, unable to grab a pic and having sent the one that was given to me back in for a different size, you are about to view some other very worthy furry friends.

Having purchased what seems to look like a shag rug to me at a thrift store, people would come out of nowhere to see if the faux was actual fur. Seemingly matted in my eyes, others looked at it in sheer glory. I don't think that there are many tips that can be given for wearing faux fur, but it can be worn anywhere...

Throw on some jeans, boots of any sort and you're ready to jump out the door. Paired with jeans and heels with socks, you get a great look that you can still rock through the season. Have a shindig to attend? Throw on a little black dress your heels and faux fur and get to party hopping.

Faux furs are easy to keep, (real furs have to be kept in certain climates), inexpensive, and look great on any person. Even Johhny Weir loves them, (... but then again maybe his are real ;)).

Featured coat found at Burlington Coat Factory located at 9101 West Markham.

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