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Fab abs in five minutes

Simple Plank
Simple Plank
Natalie Jill

We all desire toned fantastic looking abs. Yet getting to the gym or even doing a single stomach crunch can seem so hard. If all you have is about five minutes to spare then creator of the Rev4 bodyweight workout DVD, and trainer, Natalie Jill’s moves will get you from flabby to absolutely fabulous! “Planks are the best exercise for core strength, says Jill. “ When done correctly, they should feel good on your lower back.”

Simple Plank
Get on your forearms and toes as you would were you about to do a push up. Tuck your pelvis under making sure not to arch your back. Now squeeze your glutes. Focus on your core and abdominal muscles because they will help to hold you in that position. Hold for 30 seconds to a minute.

Planks (knees to elbows)
Repeat the position as above but this time after you have gain stability in the simple plank position then pull your right knee to your right elbow. Alternate each side for about a minute per side. You may feel a little trembling depending on how strong your core muscles are.

Planks (knees to alternate elbows)
Start out in a simple plank position again but this time once stable alternate each knee to the opposite elbow. Repeat this ritual for one minute per alternating side.

Side Plank
Lie on your right side and rest on your forearm. Slowly lift your hips off the floor so only your arm and feet are touching the ground. Hold for thirty seconds then switch to the left side.

Start by crouching over with your knees slightly bent and hands firmly planted, something similar to how you would begin downward facing dog. Then walk your hands away from your body as far as you can go. While concentrating on your ab muscles walk your hands back. Repeat movement for up to a minute.

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