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FAA flight ban and American thinking may have killed any two state solution

The FAA may have inadvertently brought more clarity to the two-state solution than anything else done by the United States.
The FAA may have inadvertently brought more clarity to the two-state solution than anything else done by the United States.
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A flicker of hope was still present for a two state Israeli-Palestinian solution in the Holy Land. Israel has been wrongly blamed for the failure of this delicate matter being executed. When Hamas became the dominant political party of the Gaza, additional doubt was added that the Palestinian Authority with the checkered past of President Mahmoud Abbas would make the process even more tedious.

However it is clearly not Israel’s fault there is not a two state solution. It may not even be Abbas’ fault or even Hamas’ fault that ultimately killed the hope of a Palestine and Israel existing side by side.

What may have totally killed any hope of a two state solution was the travel band declared by the United States’ Federal Aviation Administration on July 22nd of this year. Most European countries quickly followed resulting in the cancellation of 150 flights into Israel’s Ben-Gurion Airport. Although the ban lasted only 36 hours, the ramifications were monumental.

First, the fact that the FAA cancelled flights because the situation was “too dangerous” basically makes a mockery of the United States’ position that rockets fired from Gaza into Israel was no big deal. It sure was a big enough deal for the FAA and the majority of European countries. Israel’s “Iron Dome” has done a masterful job of intercepting Hamas rockets, but not all missiles are being destroyed.

Gaza has been a catastrophe for Israel’s security as the maze of Hamas tunnel’s dug to circumvent Israel’s border security is proof of the terror intent. Egypt is also destroying tunnels built to undermine its security as Hamas has deceived America, Israel, and Egypt by using funding and building material to construct a network of terror tunnels. Overall the Palestinian Authority has been unwilling or unable to deter Hamas from building tunnels or firing rockets with impunity.

The Gaza experiment was suppose to be a prototype for the West Bank which would be part of the state of Palestine incorporating even more Israeli territory and be about twenty times the size of the Gaza Strip. What is going on in Gaza would be the expectation for the state of Palestine. Is anybody getting the message yet?

More critically, the closing of the airport interrupted tourism, commerce, and much of the life blood that keeps Israel going. This closure took place with the Gaza Strip being relatively far away.

Israel’s Ben-Gurion Airport is a scant six miles away from what is called the old Green Line which would be part of the new Palestine. When, not if, missiles got into that territory, the threat would be much worse than when the FAA stopped air flights in July. It would be child’s play to shoot down an airliner and the time element for intercepting a missile by the “Iron Dome” would be extremely difficult and unlikely. Missiles at point blank range are an unacceptable threat.

The term “overly reactionary” was used to describe the position of Israel and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu regarding Israel’s security. The closing of Israel’s Airport by the FAA basically validated that Israel’s security concerns were not a mirage, but a real and present danger.

Political analysts the world over are coming to the conclusion that the FAA’s decision to not fly into Ben-Gurion Airport may have ended any real prospect of a two-state solution. Harvard University law professor Alan Dershowitz declared in an interview to the Jerusalem Post,

“Hamas’ decision to fire rockets in the direction of Ben-Gurion Airport may well have ended any real prospect of a two-state solution. Israel will now be more reluctant than ever to give up military control over the West Bank, which is even closer to Ben-Gurion Airport than the Gaza. The Israeli public would never accept a deal that did not include a continued Israeli military presence in the West Bank. They have learned the tragic lesson of Gaza and they will not allow it to be repeated”.

The old adage of “shooting yourself in the foot” by Hamas could well have ended any prospects of having an independent homeland.

The "other" factor

The existing White House administration absolutely refuses to acknowledge it blew it big time with the Muslim Brotherhood and a mythical belief that the Brotherhood represented a moderate Islamic group. It was unbelievably slow in being able to identify Boko Harem as a terrorist Islamic organization. The Obama Administration is treating ISIS as a group of “fighters” and absolutely refuses to apply the terms “terrorists” to ISIS although carnage is being unleashed against other religious groups. This is totally political.

The media has blindly fell in line with the refusal to use terms as “Islamic fundamentalists” or “terrorists” to these grossly fanatically acting murderers. You can bet Israel is taking notes on America downplaying the seriousness of terrorism and how America reacts to Hamas, Boko Harem, and ISIS.

There is political chatter coming from these Fantasyland dwellers that Hamas needs to be invited to the alleged peace process. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi remarked that the United States should look at Hamas the same way the nation of Qatar does, as a humanitarian organization. One should think that all the alleged stupid comments by Sarah Palin rolled up into one would not come close to topping this inane statement.

When one adds up how far off the political thinking the current political regime possesses, it is not Israel or even Hamas that is proving to be a major stumbling block to a fairy land peace process firmly believed by these unrealistic politicians……it is the United States.

The FAA’s decision has done more to damage the two state solution than all the rockets possessed by Hamas. Add to it that key positions in Obama’s Administration have conveyed stunning lack of understanding regarding what a terrorist group is, and one has empirical evidence that Israel has no reason trusting what America says.

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