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F3: Something for you, and something for me

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This Saturday, March 1st, from 5-10pm at one of Atlanta's more high quality venues (200 Peachtree), something special is taking place. When it comes to themes of individual and collective empowerment (i.e. groups of people, couples, et al), sometimes, something as simple as providing opportunities for empowerment via the embracing of their natural beauty through their relationship between their face, body, and heart can lead to a positive redefinition of one's self-image.

Seriously? Indeed, it can happen. And the address is 200 Peachtree St in the heart of downtown.

Through the efforts of F3 Atlanta, their event, Your Life As a Canvas, provides the backdrop for singles (men and women) and couples are able to realize the relationship between their face, body, and heart through the larger lenses of Face, Fashion, and Flirting. Helping unlock the keys to the accentuation of one's natural beauty (face), fascination of one's figure and frame (fashion), and realizing the risk to love (of self and others, via flirting), something that sounds so simple yet can be so complex can be more concrete and reachable.

Recording artist, author, and ATL Praise 102.5FM host Darlene McCoy is serving as the host for this Saturday's event. Love and Hip Hop Atlanta's Ariane Davis is serving as the Red Carpet Host.

The evening is divided into three (3) segments; they are as follows:

  • Face. From 5-6:30pm, the areas of focus include make-up and overall skin care.
  • Fashion. From 6:30-8pm, the areas of focus include fashion and live/performing arts.
  • Flirting. From 8-10pm, the areas of focus include business and social networking.

Troy Clinton (celebrity stylist), Dakoro (Atlanta abstract artist of the year/painting and visual arts), Stephan Labossiere (author and relationship expert), Ray Ray Johnson (music/vocalist), Dr. Alduan Tartt (psychologist/author), and LV Lavor (r and b vocal engineer) are among those who are featuring during the three segments.

Tickets for the event range from $25-$65, as it provides a mature outing and environment for professionals, couples, and singles. But the event is not just for the aforementioned demographics.

Single men are encouraged to attend the event; as a bonus for them, by entering MENATF3 when they order their tickets (and doing so after they complete their registration and before hitting the "Calculate" and "Preview Submission" buttons), they are able to enjoy their bonus, but only for a limited time.

A high quality venue with a high quality lineup provide a sound formula for a good night out for a mature audience.

F3 provides something of substance for you, for me, and for everybody...