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F. Gilbert State Forest

Straddling the towns of Foxboro and Wrentham is the 1,000+ acre F. Gilbert Hills State Forest. Amidst that acreage is over twenty-three miles of trails weaving throughout the forest. Sections of the forest come into contact with the southern edge of the Harold B. Clark Town Forest which is located entirely in Foxboro. The trails in the town forest contribute another one point five miles of trail.

While biking is popular there hiking, off-road vehicles, and horseback riding are also popular pastimes. They do not allow ATVs on the site though.

The trail I took was rather hilly and on either side of the path were tremendous boulders jutting from the earth like the spine of some gargantuan beast. In fact there were many old stone walls present from the days when such walls littered the New England landscape as property dividers. Judging by a particular fifteen-foot high chunk of granite on the trail-side this state forest also seems like a good place for those into bouldering.

With such a large area there are over sixteen “caches” for geocachers to seek out, so if you’re up for a quick one-shot feel free but for those who prefer an all-day affair then navigating the meandering trails from one end of the park to the other is also an option.

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