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F-18 crash Virginia Beach: Navy jet crash injures pilot, rescued by fishing boat

F-18 crash Virginia Beach: Navy jet crash injures pilot, rescued by fishing boat
F-18 crash Virginia Beach: Navy jet crash injures pilot, rescued by fishing boat
Wikimedia Commons, Photo File

A Navy jet crash has recently hit topped U.S. stories this evening, as an F-18 aircraft has confirmed to have fallen out of the sky dozens of miles off the Virginia Beach coast. A majority of the details surrounding this nonfatal crash remain a mystery at this time; what intelligence has come in so far confirms that the pilot was injured in the accident, but remains conscious. Fox News adds this Wednesday, Jan. 15, 2014, that the pilot has been rescued by a fishing boat that was swift to arrive on the scene.

The Navy jet crash involved a single-seat aircraft that crashed a fair distance from the Virginia Beach coast. An official U.S. Navy spokesman has declared in a recent statement that the incident, with early reports calling it the F-18 crash Virginia Beach case, has fortunately not been deadly. The pilot is currently receiving medical attention after being saved from the water by a fishing vessel that was in the vicinity of the impact site. Bits of debris from the F-18 jet were said to be floating about not far from where the pilot was found.

Moments before the jet hit the waves, the press release goes on to state that the pilot managed to successfully eject himself from the aircraft. He was then located and recovered with the aid of a Navy search helicopter. While conscious, the severity of the injuries that the pilot sustained has not been made available at this point in time.

Other aircraft stories have also been trending today. News of this Navy jet crash coincides with another nonfatal plane landing that occurred five years ago, the anniversary of the Miracle on the Hudson in which a commercial plane fell into New York’s Hudson River. Fortunately not one of the 155 passengers or crew members aboard the flight was hurt. Word of a much smaller “aircraft” of sorts, a jellyfish flyer made by U.S. scientists and capable of flight through air propulsion, has also made headlines at the start of the 2014 year.

“More information on the F-18 crash Virginia Beach is expected to be available soon. Confirmation of this incident comes roughly one week after a Navy MH-53E “Sea Dragon” helicopter fell out of the sky not far off the coast of Virginia Beach in common fishing waters. Two sailors died as a result of that tragic accident.”