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EYES/ONLY app introduces luxury living at your fingertips

EYES/ONLY app introduces luxury living at your fingertips
Courtesy of EYES/ONLY

Launched in 2011, the EYES/ONLY app is not for the Groupon consumer. Unlike Groupon, which is designed for the bargain-hunting consumer, EYES/ONLY was designed with the “experience-seeking” consumer in mind. During a December 2013 interview with The Tennessean, EYES/ONLY Founder Patrick Widen explained, “We're the opposite of the ‘daily deal’ in that it helps [venders] connect with ‘experience seekers,’ rather than ‘deal-seekers’”.

What can one expect from this luxury mobile software platform? EYES/ONLY provides members with instant access to unique (and exclusive) entertainment and services such as dining, travel, music, fashion, and adventure. It’s a service that unlocks exclusive experiences at bars, restaurants, hotels, and luxury shopping destinations around the globe -- all of which can be had at the touch of a button. Perks of the EYES/ONLY app can include private menus at bars or restaurants or access to the VIP line at a club or event.

Unfortunately, if you think that access to EYES/ONLY is a simple download, think again. Membership is by invitation or application only. For those interested in becoming a member of this exclusive upmarket service, one must go through a vetting process to determine if an applicant fits inline with the EYES/ONLY mission. Once an applicant is admitted to EYES/ONLY, the service is free. Inquiries for this luxury service can be made to EYES/ONLY.