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Eyehategod is latest band in STL to become victim of theft

There must be something about rock bands in Saint Louis that thieves just gravitate towards. Perhaps it's the massive amount of expensive equipment they often travel with, stored in vans that have seen better days and are usually the band's main mode of transportation between gigs. Whatever it is, the criminals of Saint Louis are really hitting local and visiting musicians where it hurts lately.

The latest band to get hit has been Eyehategod, a popular sludge metal band from New Orleans which had been performing in downtown Saint Louis during the past week. Their van had been sitting outside of the popular local venue Fubar during their show, which held all their essential equipment.

What happened next, according to eyewitnesses and a report by the Riverfront Times, was an opening for any thief that happened to be passing by: the doors to Eyehategod's band van was reportedly left wide open, displaying the electronics inside for all to see. So, naturally, someone took advantage of the opportunity and got away with electronic equipment worth thousands as well as cash that was also left in the van at the time.

On the band's Facebook page, Eyehategod has written up a post that describes in detail what was stolen, from an iPad to a band member's personal cell phone. They are asking their band for Paypal donations to help recover what was taken.

Earlier this year, the van for local band Kentucky Knife Fight was stolen and later found having been stripped and burned, the band's equipment either missing or destroyed. Like Eyehategod, Kentucy Knife Fight was forced to open a funding drive to recover the lost material as well as to buy themselves a new tour van.

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