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Eyehategod Celebrates 25 Years of Music

You know what it means to head to New Orleans and experience all the musical scenes?

Celebrating 25 years, Eyehategod rocked their home town of New Orleans to ring in the new year.
Celebrating 25 years, Eyehategod rocked their home town of New Orleans to ring in the new year.
Marisa L. Williams
Eyehategod celebrates 25 year of sludge metal.
Marisa L. Williams

Rub elbows and schmooze, while sipping on your favorite booze; take in some funk and blues.

Better yet, floor the pedal and take in some metal, such as Eyehategod; don't settle.

It's been more than an hour since I met Jimmy Bower; touring on Ozzfest 2002, I felt his power.

It says Bower Power on his drum, but he also can make a guitar strum; this guy has a musical thumb.

Though I first seen him play with Down, I heard he had other bands around, so I watched them in town.

In Crowbar, he played with another Down star; Kirk Windstein plays in multiple bands like a czar.

Another scary good musical banshee is a down home guy from Tennessee, Hank Williams III.

He and Bowers played in Superjoint Ritual alongside another individual whose music is critical.

Phil Anselmo was on the mic in that band and Down alike, commanding fans mosh like the third reich.

Of course, Pantera's Rex played in some projects: Down, Pantera and Kill Devil Hill, a triplex.

Then there's the other band of enormity, Corrosion of Conformity that hits hard to every extremity.

Jimmy's the Godfather of Southern Metal. Through years, he had to mettle, and do anything but settle.

Eyehategod celebrates 25 years, and how many beers? The least we can go is give some cheers.

Can we all agree to take a minute to remember Joey? LaCaze's passing was a huge tragedy.

I must say though Aaron Hill can still cause a thrill. He really has the drumming skill to fill the bill.

Brian Patton also plays with Soilent Green. They pound the metal scene, hitting so hard, it's obscene.

Then there's Gary. Tell Tomasa hi for me. Both of them are so cool and welcoming, it's kinda scary.

I remember when they lived above Dixie Tavern. Whiskey was a lesson to learn. Pukey sojourn.

At least I made it outside. Then there was a guy by my side. He pulled my hair back with pride.

Pat helped as my vomit splat. Bruders was a friendly cat, and I'm glad he looked out for me like that.

Sammy was there, too. He knew what to do. Goatwhore's guitarist brought water and chatted a few.

There's so many memories, so many stories. It's hard to keep all the tales into tidy inventories.

I remember all the little punkies, dancing around like monkeys, with Jimmy watching Murder Junkies.

Plus there's little coincidence that may not be of consequence but makes you question an incidence.

Mike Williams, we related to each other? Same name as my dad's dead twin brother. Not to smother...

Just saying, it's a quarter of a century, playing with a spiced sound like curry; time passes in a flurry.

Mike will give it his all, screaming to entice a brawl; they hit hard, like being thrown against a wall.

Yet, they still have a groove. They have nothing to prove, and they only continue to, like wine, improve.

The band can move a crowd. They're not afraid to get loud. They can be as menacing as a storm cloud.

The heart of the band continues to beat. They will get you moving on your feet. Get up out your seat.

It's not radio chanting or a bunch of political ranting, but their mosh pit will leave you panting.

It's some of New Orleans finest; 25 years is a long quest, but I'm sure they all passed the acid test.

For more on Eyehategod, visit The author of more than 100 books, Marisa Williams earned her Master's in Writing from the Johns Hopkins University. For more by Marisa, go to and

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