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Eyeglasses do not require a current prescription or a lot of cash

Eyeglasses for much less at Goggles4u
Eyeglasses for much less at Goggles4u

Is someone in your family in desperate need of eyeglasses but you just don't have the $59 or more required for glasses? If you have your prescription information, whether it's expired or not, you can use it to purchase glasses online for as little as $8.99 plus $4.99 in shipping charges for a total of $13.98. Goggles4u is offering this limited time deal, and the price cannot be beaten locally.

Select a $4.99 frame--they carry 404 styles at that price--and basic coated single vision lenses. If you have an old pair of glasses, they can be used to determine your total width (all the way across the front), your lens height and width, and your nose/bridge measurement. From there you can choose frames that will fit your face best. Otherwise, you can measure it yourself at home with some help from a family member, or you can take yourself into an optician and ask him or her to measure and determine your size for you. Self-measuring instructions can be found here. Simply choose a frame and provide information about your prescription--old or new--and pay the charges. Your glasses will take 10-12 days to arrive using standard shipping, or you can upgrade to express shipping via DHL and receive your glasses within five to seven days of shipping. All glasses arrive with a cleaning cloth and a hard case.

Goggles4u also carries a full range of more expensive frames from the very inexpensive to the higher range of designer styles, which are also sold at a discount. Goggles4u can also accomodate any prescription, but as with any optician, bifocal and trifocal lenses cost more. Special lens treatments increase your price as well.

According to their FAQs, "We have a firm refund/return policy. Problems not covered in the policy may be freely discussed with us at" You can read their return/refund policy here. Unfortunately, they do not offer a warranty for breakage after the glasses have been received. If they arrive in one piece, any damage after that is your responsibility.