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Eyebrows are a picture frame for your eyes

Barbara applying eye makeup to workshop participant Kenda Sweet
Barbara applying eye makeup to workshop participant Kenda Sweet
ML Moreto

“Grooming Guru” Barbara Brent Williams of Lola Salon presented “Let’s Do Eyes” a February workshop on eye makeup basics. She teaches how to keep it simple and enhance what you have. Many clients tell her, they would like to use eye makeup but don’t know how. The reasons many women avoid eye make up are:
They don’t know how to apply it.
They don’t have the time.
They fear applying too much and looking like a clown.
In today’s casual dress down culture makeup and in particular eye makeup is a low priority.

Mascara, brow pencil or powder, lip-gloss, and tinted moisture are the basis makeup products every woman should have. Barbara suggests replacing mascara every three month. For occasions such as weddings when happy tears flow, she recommends applying regular mascara first and applying waterproof mascara over it. Waterproof mascara is very drying and can cause the lashes to break. Powder eye shadow will last for years. She suggests spraying the top layer with alcohol and allowing it to dry before using.

She tells her clients to look at the eye as a palette and follow the natural shadings of lights and darks with colored eye shadow. Eyebrows are a picture frame for your eyes. They follow the natural brow bone and balance the face. The ideal eye brow is one where:
The inner edge of the brow lines up with the outside of the corresponding nostril
The highest point of the arch is at the outer edge of the eyeball
The outer edge of the brow is on a diagonal line from outer nostril past the outer edge of the eye

The key to applying eye shadow is to blend. A good brush is important. Equally important is cleaning your makeup brushes to avoid bacteria build up.

Barbara offers group workshops and individual sessions on makeup application and trends.

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