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Eye roll syndrome the effect of soaps

When I watch soaps I have a certain category for when I am a little or a lot sceptical. I call this my “Roll my eyes moments”!
Lately my eyes have been getting a lot of excercise and I wondered who else has these eye rolling moments.

Kathleen Gati

How about on General Hospital when the new head of staff is announced to be Dr. Olbrecht? Mine went into convulsions. Puleeze, this is too much even for GH.

Days of our Lives as we watch that incredible hunk of man, Father Eric, who cannot fight his way out of a rope? When he does, the oaf of a doctor stops him with no fight from Eric?Eye roll and roll and roll.

Young and the Restless when Dylan turns out to be Nikki’s son. Come on now we know it is just a ploy to make Steve Burton more relevant to Genoa City family. JFP uses her power to divert storylines to make her favorites stand out. Not so much an eye roll as a glare! especially when we know we lost Emmy winner Billy Miller so JFP could pay Mr Burton and pay for his flights back and forth to Nashville. Eye rolls into glares that would strike JFP if I were a witch.

This is just a few of many eye roll moments. They roll crazily whenever Heather appears again and again. Or Kristen gets away with anything on DOOL. Do not get me started on Victor Newman, the teflon man of Y&R,

Now I will go put on an eye mask to rest my rollin eyes. LOL

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