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Eye problems in dogs and cats

eye problems in dogs and cats - cloudy eye
eye problems in dogs and cats - cloudy eye
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Sometimes eye problems in dogs or cats are not evident without a careful exam by the pet owner. Therefore pet owners should check their pet’s eyes periodically. I suggest at least once a month or more often, especially if the pet spends time outdoors.

To do this, take your pet to a very bright spot, such as by a window with the sun shining in. Look into your pets eyes carefully. They should be clear and bright. The pupils should be the same size. The whites of the eyes should not be red or pink. The eyes should not have excessive tearing or crusting around the eye. Roll the lid down and check that it is pink, not red or pale.

There should not be any growths or swollen tear ducts. They look like red balls in the eye and are called "cherry eye."

If you have a dog you should not allow the dog to ride in a car with his head out of the window. For both dogs and cats, make sure that their hair does not hang over or in their eyes.

If you notice anything unusual, take your pet to the veterinarian right away.

Signs of eye problems:

Discharge or pus like stuff around the eye
Inflammation in or around the eye
Tear stains on the fur around one or both of the eyes
A closed eye, squinting or blinking
Cloudiness or a change in eye color
Pupils that are uneven in size
Pawing at the eyes

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