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Eye on Islamophobia - The oldest Muslim periodical takes on 10 critics of Islam

Ten taken on by the Muslim Writers Guild of America
Ten taken on by the Muslim Writers Guild of America
The Muslim Sunrise

Ahmadi Muslim writers group in the United States says enough to Islamophobia.

The members of Muslim Writers Guild of America are taking on some well known names that perpetuate Islamophobia by spewing hatred against Islam, the Holy Quran, and the Holy Founder of Islam, the Prophet Mohammad.

The Summer 2012 issue of The Muslim Sunrise, entitled, “In Defense of Islam: Confronting the Critics,” responds to anti-Islam allegations made by 10 infamous critics of Islam.

The Muslim Sunrise invites these critics to debate representatives of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community publicly, in an effort to expose their allegations “as either baseless, dishonest, or criticisms of practices which, although present in Muslim-majority countries, have no basis in the religion of Islam."

"In doing so,” the editorial further says to the critics of Islam, “the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community defends Islam not just against your misinformation, but also from the misguided ulema who pass off their own twisted beliefs as Islamic.”

The critics confronted by the the Guild include, Geert Wilders, who recently released his book, Marked for Death: Islam’s War Against the West and Me; Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, co-Founders of Stop Islamization of America (whose back and forth with The Muslim Sunrise can be read on Twitter); Daniel Pipes, Director of the Middle East Forum; and several others “from a diverse group of widely recognized politicians, pundits, pastors, professors and authors,” The Muslim Times editorial states.

The Muslim Sunrise was founded in 1921 by Mufti Muhammad Sadiq who was a companion of the founder of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (1835-1908) of Qadian, India.

Hadhrat Ahmad claimed to be the long awaited world-reformer, the Promised Messiah and Mehdi and, in 1889, formally established The Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam.

Today the community is found in 200 countries of the world with tens of millions worldwide followers.

Mufti Muhammad Sadiq was the first missionary sent by the Ahmadiyya Muslim community to the United States in 1920.

Its 90-plus years of archives can be read online. Its annual subscription costs is $15 for printed copies of four quarterly issues.

Download the new issue here.

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