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Eye buy, I design.

I frequently browse retail locations and cozy markets in search of fresh new eco-friendly interior design trends and of course I’m always on the continuous hunt for that one unique piece that will complete the space I am working on. This practice has served me well by providing a continuous stream of ideas. I’ve coined this practice ‘EYE BUY, I DESIGN’. There is a community of GREEN interior design fans that are not necessarily decorators or designers. They just appreciate good taste and are in search of directional GREEN interior ideas.

When I first started out in the interior design world, many moons ago, there was no such distinction for ‘GREEN Interior Design’. Interior design back then literally defined the haves and the have-nots. The interior design world was simply a closed community of affluent clients and designers that you came upon their ventures through important fluffy magazines. Although my interior design practice always leaned more toward a natural psynergi, the evolvement of the GREEN movement has been phenomenal. Once your focus becomes redirected, being GREEN conscious changes your perspective and every day little decisions start leaning GREEN including seeking changes in your interior environment. Today, with the internet, social media and engaging marketing campaigns providing a platform of discovery, good interior design and more importantly, good GREEN interior design is now accessible to everyone.

When working with clients, I always suggest that my clients trust their instincts. Your taste is uniquely your own and your home is the sanctuary you create. I share my ‘EYE BUY, I DESIGN’ theory and practice with clients which has helped facilitate a closer meeting of the minds in style and trend because it engages them in the interior design process. There will always be clients who want ‘turn-key’ interior design assistance whereas the project intent is discussed and the interior designer delivers the project without benefit of client involvement, however, I prefer to engage with my clients.

Every room has an identity of its own and seeking interior design assistance validates that your taste is evolving. You may find that your sanctuary no longer flows with a familiar continuity when you walk through. It is not the décor, your taste is still exquisite and transitioning GREEN design concepts can prove difficult. I have discovered through ‘EYE BUY, I DESIGN’ perusing that associates in retail establishments can be very helpful assisting you with a difficult eco-friendly interior design concept. They (the retail associates) are the ‘boots on the ground’ navigating interior trends and they know the go-to people and places when you find yourself stuck.

I follow a few outstanding interior designers work as they continuously provide me inspiration in my work. Sheila Bridges, a renowned New York Interior Designer, recently commented on how “. . .hugely important that GREEN design has become. . .” She goes on to qualify that “. . . it is not just about the GREEN materials and manufacturing processes; GREEN, to her mind, means seeking and supporting products that help artisans put food on the table. . .”. I strongly agree with Ms. Bridges. A bargain is always great to find, however, be cognizant of the artisan’s compensation. Design is a world community and we can consider each other through enciteful purchases.

Try ‘EYE BUY, I DESIGN the next time you are in search of an item to complete your current GREEN interior design project. Design finds are everywhere; be sure to stay open minded with your design element searches. Share your journey at

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