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ExxonMobil's CEO admits global warming is caused by CO₂

58% world's sales come from oil & gas
L. Peltier/2013

Though 27 percent of Americans deny global warming, it’s notable that even Rex Tillerson, ExxonMobil's CEO, publicly states that “increasing CO₂ emissions in the atmosphere will have a warming impact.”

ExxonMobil - world’s #3 company - doesn’t dispute that its fossil fuel product is the cause of global warming. Watch and listen here.

Why this matters:

  1. This video’s key learning is that, as expected, the oil & gas sector plans to sell as much fossil fuels as possible and roll the dice that “humans will adapt.” Exxon believes that global warming is a “solvable problem with engineering solutions.”
  2. Denying global warming isn’t logical when the CEO of the 2nd largest oil company admits climate change is real and caused by the CO₂ emissions.

Of the world’s top 20 companies' 2013 sales ($5.7 trillion), 58 percent is generated from oil & gas.

Our world’s economy is built on fossil fuel profits and if oil & gas thinks “global warming is not a problem we can’t solve,” then oil & gas should start solving it for practical reasons, first they control our world’s capital, and second for moral reasons, it’s inhumane to sell a knowingly harmful and suicidal product.

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