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Extremes and agendas


Over the next several days the Sun, exalted in Aries (making it very powerful) will conjunct Uranus and square Jupiter and Pluto setting off the Grand Cross and we will get another taste of what this energy will bring personally and in the world.

Sun-Uranus transits bring unexpected events and situations that may seem shocking. Uranus rules aircraft, technology, affects weather, rebellions, revolutions and breaking free of situations that have outlived their purpose.

Sun-Pluto deals with power, ego drives, control, agendas, crime, obsessive situations and absolute change and in some cases even death.

Jupiter is the planet of money and expansion and situations may become extreme, overblown and at its best Jupiter brings generosity.

The best use of this energy comes in breaking free of situations or ruts that have outlived their time. In some cases it may be positive, but others may be dealing with those whose issue is control and shock.