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"Extremely scary haunted house, real evil Welles House"

Extremely Scary haunted house, real evil dwells within the Welles House. As we speak, Tim Wood is speaking via phone with John Zaffis ont he Welles House activity and streaming on YouTube on the activity that was found to date at the Welles HOuse and what brought them together. Intense paranormal activity has been realized by not only the former owners and tenants, but the team as well which includes TimWood, John Zaffis and David Spinks.

Welles House
Krisi Konvict

Pennsylvania Paranormal Magazine crew was there on a recent live stream investigation and caught evps and paranormal activity as well. John Zaffis has stated that he felt "compelled" to join in on the investigation on the house.

Many sounds have been recorded while investigating, along with Tim getting sick, David Spinks started to choke shortly there after. Investigative tools such as recorders and cameras were set up throughout the home with thorough coverage completed.

Successful investigation only brings on more investigations until the cause of the multiple entities will be ongoing. The area has a long history of paranormal activity and this house in particular seems to hold a variety of unseen beings. The three investigators are still amazed at how they all were pulled together to this house. As David states, "it was meant to happen" they were meant to be brought together. The same reaction was felt by PPM when opening the email announcing the livestream scifi investigation.

Stay tuned for more to come from this evil house.