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Extremely Easy Exercises

This is a project that needs to happen. I know I can use this. Extremely Easy Exercises is an app that will help anyone get in shape without any special equipment. Get in shape with Extremely Easy Exercises at your own pace with exercises that you can actually do without any special equipment. The smart tracker will gradually increase your workouts when and only when you are ready. You won't even realize that you are getting back in shape.

No login required, but you do need to have cookies enabled for the tracker and statistics to work when using from a web browser. iOS app coming soon. The project creator did all of the programming standing up. He got rid of his chair and converted his Mac to a standup desk and started working out slowly to get back in shape which is where he came up with the idea for this app.

You can get a taste of the website here

According to time magazine: The study was a meta-analysis of 33 previous studies examining the association between exercise and heart disease risk; nine of the studies estimated the quantity of physical activity people got. The researchers found that participants who got the recommended 150 minutes of physical activity per week had a 14% lower risk of heart disease than those who were sedentary.

Of course, more was better: people who managed 300 minutes of exercise per week had a 20% reduction in heart disease risk, compared with sedentary people. Beyond that, however, the relative benefits appeared to diminished; those who got a whopping 750 minutes per week had a 25% lower risk of heart disease than non-exercisers.

The researchers also found that even little bits of activity — just 75 minutes a week, which amounts to an easy 15-minute walk each weekday — offered significant benefit. People who eked out that much exercise still enjoyed a 14% lower heart risk than those who didn’t work out at all.

I give this project an A-, I wish he had a video to demonstrate and better perks but it a project that solves a problem.

In addition to making it available on iOS iPhones & iPads there are some other things that need done.

1. More Extremely Easy Exercises that are safe and fun
2. Don't show the same exercise twice
3. Detailed Statistics (but will never require a login)
4. Pictures and/or Descriptions of each exercise
5. Smart and automatic level advancement, for instance once a user has completed so many 2 minute push-up exercises then next round give them 3 push-ups.
Any other suggestions appreciated

It can work and you can support him there

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