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‘Extreme Weight Loss’ shocker: Contestant kicked off show for bad behavior

Chris Powell shocks viewers with participant kicked off Extreme Weight Loss
Chris Powell shocks viewers with participant kicked off Extreme Weight Loss
Photo by Chelsea Lauren

Don’t give Chris Powell any excuses and you won’t find yourself in the crosshairs of this talented trainer. The fans of “Extreme Weight Loss” on Tuesday night might find themselves feeling a bit uncomfortable as there isn’t a happy ending for one participant. According to WOTV on Tuesday, for the first time ever someone gets kicked off the show and it’s not going to be the best for one person who hoped to actually transform their life.

The first participant is Kenny a 410-pound man who was a former Marine. Kenny is a 35-year-old married father of three from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. According to the show, Kenny’s depression and weight issues became a real concern for him and his family. After severe tornadoes ripped through his hometown of Moore, Oklahoma Kenny realized how short life really is for everyone. Vowing to turn his life around once and for all, Kenny wrote a letter to trainer and transformation specialist Chris Powell asking for help.

The other contestant is Christy who is 380 pounds and looking to get fit. The 36 year-old participant has been overweight her entire life. Growing up in Las Vegas, Christy has been a victim of bullying in school and also lacked support of her family to lose weight and get healthy.. Now, a caretaker to her ailing mother, Christy doesn't have a job or a boyfriend, and rarely leaves her house at all. Hoping to re-take control of her life, she wrote a letter to Chris asking for help.

The fans of “Extreme Weight Loss” have been wondering what could be such bad behavior on a reality show that a participant could be kicked off. While there are so many possibilities, viewers hope the scenario isn't too embarrassing as people are looking to undergo transformations and sometimes the shock of a new environment is tough. Of course, everyone hopes for the best, but the ABC show has already warned everyone that a scandal on the show is going down (and viewers get to see it all play out too.)