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‘Extreme Weight Loss’ first: Little person weight loss gives new outlook on life

Chris Powell shares another success story on Extreme Weight Loss
Chris Powell shares another success story on Extreme Weight Loss
Photo by Chelsea Lauren

The fans of “Extreme Weight Loss” are always interesting in the stories of the contestants on the popular reality show. Giving people an understanding on who they decided to lose the weight and keep it off, on Tuesday night the show celebrates a first. According to Entertainment Tonight on Monday, Sara, from Owensboro, Kentucky, has had a long struggle with both her weight and her height. At 39 years old, Sara is nearly 150 pounds overweight. Believing her weight is holding her back from her true potential, Sara wrote a letter to trainer and transformation specialist Chris Powell asking him for help.

Viewers will get to see her yearlong physical and emotional journey. Sara currently works for the Green River District Health Department in a program called HANDS (Health Access Nurturing Developmental Services), where she is a family support worker and certified state trainer.

Chris will offer Sara a real transformation and gives his client a chance to reveal that she can never allow her physical limitations to stop her from achieving her goals. In fact, Chris really does care that Sara gets the message and challenges her to complete a half marathon (which is the equivalent of a full marathon for someone of regular height.).

Adding to the yearlong focus, celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito will stop by to teach Sara how to make healthier versions of her favorite Tex-Mex dishes. Sara kicked off her health focus with the first 90 days of his or her weight loss journey at the renowned University of Colorado’s Anschutz Health and Wellness Center (AHWC) in Aurora, CO.

Growing up, Sara was bullied for being short and when her weight started increasing so did the bullying worsened. Now that she has found her strength and physical focus the contestant on “Extreme Weight Loss” appears to be finding herself. It’s a wonderful accomplishment of weight loss and a positive look at life on “Extreme Weight Loss.”