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Extreme weather, major quakes and terrorist attacks slated for 2014, psychic say

Toronto psychic/astrologer, Nikki, who is known as a psychic to the stars, has released her list of predictions for 2014 and there are many that involve devastating news.

Among them, she made some weather predictions that include more blizzards and ice storms for Ontario, while British Columbia will see severe storms and a “giant earthquake.” All of these things, she noted, are due to global warming.

Whatever the cause, this Examiner is currently under another ice and snowstorm-watch in Ontario today and do not look forward to any more of them!

Nikki has posted an extensive list of predictions for this year including “a possible landing of a space ship. Now that sounds interesting. However, there are many dire predictions that include:

Two planes crashing at Kennedy Airport
A bomb blast and fire at Ten Downing Street.
A fire Buckingham Palace
An attack on the Vatican and Pope
Terrorist attacks in Washington, California, India, Russia, Chicago, Paris, France, London, England and New York City’s Empire State Building
A chemical attack on the U.S., as well as the outbreak of civil war
Water contaminated in major cities
A second marathon tragedy
Worldwide power blackouts
Riots in Detroit, Michigan
Niagara Falls overflowing and the Niagara River floods (hmm… I was born there.)
Explosion, fire and collapse of the CN Tower
Meteor crashing in China
War between Iran and Israel

Some of Nikkis weather predictions include:

“Super storms in the US, Canada and Europe” with “extreme weather worldwide”
“Giant tornadoes” in several U.S. states
Earthquakes in Toronto, Quebec, Ottawa and the Niagara region (very scary for me!)
Another major earthquake in Japan and a “giant earthquake in Palm Springs California, as well as “huge” quakes in St. Louis, Missouri, Chicago, Tennessee and more.
An exteme earthquake that takes out Mexico City
Eruption of Mount St. Helen
Tsunamis in Hawaii, Alaska and Russia

If you think there are only frightening predictions, there is a ray of sunshine in that Nikki said there will be some major medical breakthroughs this year. Her celebrity predictions included 2014 babies for Rhianna, Selena Gomez and the royal couple – Prince William and Duchess Kate.

Splits coming this year included Celine Dion and hubby, Rene Angelil, Ellen Degeneres and Porchia De Rossi, Kelly Rippa and husband, Mark Consuelos, and Tori Spelling and husband, Dean McDermott.

She also said a celebrity judge would be “caught up in scandal and naked pictures.”

For more of her predictions, including those focused on Hollywood stars, sports, “the Royals,” births, deaths and health watches, go HERE.

Some of Nikki’s past predictions that have come true include the terrorist attack during the Boston Marathon, the 911 plane crashes at the World Trade Center and Pentagon, death of Michael Jackson, the Hudson River plane crash, the deadly car crash that took the life of Paul Walker and the death of Nelson Mandela.

Locally, she predicted the massive flooding in Toronto last year, and the Rob Ford tape and subsequent scandal. See my previous article on what she sees in store for Ford in 2014.


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