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Extreme Sled Boston on the first day of Winter

The perfect extreme sledding hill
The perfect extreme sledding hill
Morzine Ski Runs

Put down the sugar cookie and celebrate the Winter season like any good adrenaline junkie.  Pick up a sled and dive down a hill head first. 

December 21st marks the official start of Winter and for any true adrenaline nut in New England the start of what we refer to as "the only good season". With the 2010 Winter Olympics in sight many winter sports junkies have visions of Bode Miller and Shaun White dancing in their head. But listen up Burton and K2, you have some new competition for best winter sport. Thanks to two feet of fresh powder this past weekend the new step child of winter sports has made its first appearance and it's called Extreme Sledding.

These are not your daddy's inner tubes. Companies like Hammerhead are producing sleds that cost upwards of $350. These stylized performance sleds come with a warning that they "are not a toy".  Their Hammerhead Pro XLD model promises to be a game changer for sledders. Check it out here.

Need some sledding buddies? There are plenty Boston based Facebook groups for extreme sledders. If you are interested check one out called The Sled Heads.

The best spots to shred some serious sledding gnar can be found here on Sledriding, where you can even submit your own hill.

What's your favorite hill in or around Beantown?


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