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Extreme Rising wrestling title change voided by company

Extreme Rising wrestling title change cancelled
Extreme Rising wrestling title change cancelled

In what has to be seen as one hand not knowing what the another hand is doing, the Extreme Rising wrestling championship title change that took place last weekend is now no longer a title change at all. According to on March 5, owner Steve O'Neill said the title change was not authorized and is not recognized by Extreme Rising Wrestling.

The entire situation occurred because Extreme Rising had to cancel their second show in a month's time. The first was due to the snow but this second was because the old ECW arena was not able to secure an inspector to clear them to open their doors again.

As a result, some stars showed up to talk to fans and sign autographs with people who didn't know the show was cancelled. Also, a couple of independent shows offered free entry to anyone with an Extreme Rising ticket. One of those was the ECWA event in Delaware.

That ECWA event also invited Extreme Rising champion Stevie Richards and his opponent Luke Hawx to wrestle on their show instead. At that show, Hawx beat Richards and won the Extreme Rising title.

The problem was that Extreme Rising president Steve O'Neill did not know the title was changing hands on the card and there is still no clear reason why the title changed hands without consent of Extreme Rising Wrestling. As a result, Extreme Rising has turned it into an angle where they said the title was not supposed to be on the line and since Hawx cheated to win, ti was even more fishy.

Steve O'Neill then said the only was a title match for the Extreme Rising championship would occur is if it was on a promoted card by Extreme Rising and for their fans.

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