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Extreme Rising wrestling show postponed, title changes hands at ECWA show

Extreme Rising event postponed until April
Extreme Rising event postponed until April
Extreme Rising

Extreme Rising wrestling can't seem to catch a break lately. They had a show in February postponed due to bad weather and now the show that was scheduled to take place tonight was postponed as well. According to on March 1, the Extreme Rising title match took place anyway, except on an ECWA show.

The card from February was for a Pittsburgh show and due to the horrible snow and bad weather, it was postponed until May 3. The show for March 1 was supposed to take place at the old ECW arena in Philadelphia. Once again, this was not the fault of the Extreme Rising promotion either.

In this case, it was the arena's fault. According to the general manager of the arena, they could not get the code inspection to take place this week so the city would not allow the event - or any event - to take place in the arena. The building is re-opening but can't until it is inspected. The new grand opening will take place in April and the Extreme Rising show will now take place on April 25.

However, Extreme Rising champion Stevie Richards had already made the trip, so former ECW referee John Finnegan worked out a deal with the East Coast Wrestling Association (ECWA) to add the Extreme Rising title match to their show taking place in Delaware tonight.

That match saw Luke Hawx beat Stevie Richards to become the new Extreme Rising champion.