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Extreme Rising Wrestling cancels upcoming shows, shuts down social media sites

Extreme Rising cancels events
Extreme Rising cancels events
Photo by Anton / Flickr Commons

After a week of controversy surrounding one of their wrestlers, Extreme Rising Wrestling cancelled all their upcoming wrestling shows. There were three shows scheduled for the next few weeks, and all the shows have been called off. According to on Tuesday, Extreme Rising deleted their social network sites and removed all info on upcoming shows from their websites.

The problems started over a month ago when Extreme Rising had to cancel their second show in less than a month. The first show was cancelled because of snow and the second show was cancelled because the company couldn’t get the arena they leased out cleared in time by the building inspectors. Since the second show was cancelled, Extreme Rising champion Stevie Richards defended his title against Luke Hawx and dropped the title to him at a ECWA show.

However, that title changed was nixed by Extreme Rising owner Steve O’Neill. The owner claimed that the title match was never authorized and felt it was a poor match that his promotion’s fans would never appreciate. After that, O’Neill got into a big online spat with Luke Hawx.

Hawx left a twitter message saying that he had not heard from O’Neill about the travel plans for the upcoming shows, which he was scheduled to compete in against Stevie Richards. O’Neill quickly lashed out at O’Neill, calling him unprofessional and then announced that Hawx wouldn’t be on his show. O’Neill also attacked fans verbally on his social network sites, which have since been deleted as well.

Luke Hawx finally said that he would appear at Hardcore Road Trip instead. He also claimed he might pull off a Shane Douglas move and take the Extreme Rising belt with him to bury it there. O’Neill then threatened to sue him if he did and said his shows would go on without Hawx.

That all changed. What is even more disturbing is that Steve O’Neill told fans with Extreme Rising tickets to contact their credit card companies and banks if they want a refund. This means fans will have to file a complaint against Extreme Rising to get their money back. Big Time Wrestling has offered fans with Extreme Rising tickets a discount, expressing their disgust at Extreme Rising Wrestling.

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