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Extreme Makeovers Brings Smiles to Joplin and Facebook

Crystal Whitely and Keanna Caton Future Home Photo
Crystal Whitely and Keanna Caton Future Home Photo
Crystal Whitely

Facebook is buzzing this week about ABC's award-winning show called Extreme Makeover and more than 14,000 volunteers who built seven homes in 7 days for a selected group of tornado survivors.

On Wednesday, October 26, the popular television show revealed the homes to seven families in Joplin, a southwest Missouri community that is recovering from a massive spring tornado that killed 162 people and destroyed or damaged more than 8,000 houses and other structures.

Joplin was selected as the site for a special build in observance of the show’s 200th episode. The seven families chosen to receive the houses that will be donated to them were whisked off Wednesday night for vacations at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fla., while their homes are being constructed.

Many people on Facebook who could not attend the actual home revealing expressed gratitude, tears of joys, and thankfulness to the people who built this neighborhood backup from the ground up.

Moses Caton, the father of Keanna Caton who lost her older sister and brother in the deadly tornado, had so many supportive comments on his wall.

  • Crystal M Hancock I went to the revealing of the homes this afternoon and I cried when they moved the buses. It was so wonderful to watch. My heart goes out to them.
  • Shawn Fowler Wasn't it tho! I cried all day off and on!
  • Heather Bradley I love that smile on the camera guy's face. That's love right there.
  • Jacinda Martin Precious picture....I saw this is in person and the tears just rolled.

Moses has been in the background of the story of his three children, Trentan, Shante, and Keanna. But their mother has been more visible. Crystal Whitely was home when she got a phone call from her father telling her to seek shelter. She grabbed her three children and placed them in a tub and then placed herself on top of them. As the winds tore her small home to shreds, the tub was lifted in the air and thrown. The wind was blowing so much that she could not hear her children screaming. She felt a leg and held onto it for dear life. When the storm subsided, she went to look for her children. The leg belonged to her youngest daughter, Keanna.

Crystal suffered serious injuries and was taken to a medical facility. It wasn't until later that relatives told her that Trentan and Shante had been killed.

On October 19th, Crystal received word that she and Keanna had been one of the seven families selected to receive a home. On her Facebook wall, she was showered with comments from friends. Extreme Makeover sent the family to Disney World while they worked on their homes.

  • Sharon K. Godfrey

    EHM always makes me so happy for the two of you it so touching knowing all that you guys have been through and knowing how much you deserve this!!! yay!! I wanna cry jus knowing they are doing this for you! when its on tv the flood gates : )

  • Carrie Rago Kernel

    I knew it ! I knew it ! I prayed, and I knew it . God is sooo Good ! Can you say Amen Crystal ! Oh Yeah ! I love you little Cousin Girlfriend ! XOXOXOXO

  • Jacinda Martin

    Well we went and saw the Extreme Homes and it was simply amazing and touching, for those that have not went to witness this should, to see all the volunteers and the amazing work they have done, no we wasnt there to see Ty or Paige or whomever else, we were there for Crystal Whitely and to show our appreciaton!!

  • Christy Haverfield

    I am so happy for you Crystal. I'm sorry for everything you've had to go through. Loosing your babies I know is something you never fully recover from I've lost 1 myself. But they are watching you and Keke from above and smiling down on you. God has truly blessed you this week. Your Baxter family and friends Love you and pray for you daily!! Congrats on ur new home.

Upon the return, pictures started appearing on Facebook showing the happy mom and little girl. It was absolutely wonderful.

The actual airing of the show will not take place until 2012 on ABC. But for now, enjoy the photos and be remembered that good conquers everything.


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