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Extreme Human Barbie meets Human Ken; 7th largest breasts in world on display

Human Ken and Extreme Human Barbie

Extreme Human Barbie and Human Ken met up in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and probably swapped plastic surgery stories. The two humans who are really Lacey Wildd and Justin Jedlica and they look like Mattel dolls. The two celebrities seemed to have a good time checking out each other as the aspiring models have the same dream of looking perfect. According to Intouch Weekly on Tuesday, Justin Jedlica thinks the Extreme Human Barbie has more personality than Human Barbie Valeria Lukyanova who he says looks like "a dead mannequin."

While one might think that Lacey Wildd looks like a Barbie Doll, there is a reason she is called extreme. Well, technically two reasons. Lacey Wildd has the 7th largest breasts in the world. That would be size LLL for anyone who might be asking. And she doesn't mind people taking a look at her assets.

During Extreme Human Barbie and Human Ken’s gathering it appears that the boobs were getting an opportunity to be shown off. Wildd wore a bikini barely covering her latest plastic surgery expense and it as impossible to miss some of the world's largest breasts. The Hollywood Gossip is reporting that Lacey Wildd is very proud of her physical features and has plans to have the largest breasts in the world at some point.

There comes a time when mankind has to ask if plastic surgery is too much in society. After seeing Human Ken and Extreme Human Barbie in one picture, the answer isn't all that easy. It’s obvious the looks that surgery has provided these models an added bonus of confidence. Which might outweigh the ridiculous idea of going under the knife dozens and dozens of times.

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