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Extreme fitness basics


P90X Fitness Program by Tony Horton

Are you training for a triathlon, trying to lose weight, or looking to make your workouts more difficult? Then, an extreme fitness program might be the next training routine for you. 

Extreme fitness, what is it? Well it is a new fad among the health-conscious, workout gurus.  These programs interchange cardio, weight training, stretching, plyometrics, kenpo, core synergistic, yoga, Pilates, and abdominal exercises to give you a workout that will power-up your physical abilities.

How does it work?  Two words: Muscle Confusion

This training principle doesn’t allow your muscles to get used to a single routine. It rotates a combination of the exercise mentioned above to keep your muscles in a state of confusion. This strengthens muscles, increases endurance, and helps you to lose weight. These programs are designed to push you to your absolute.   Over time you will increase your performance to a level you never imagined, lose weight, and achieve your dream body.

In the Gainesville, FL area there are a variety of extreme fitness programs available to anyone who wishes to give it a try. Listed below are a few facilities that offer extreme classes:

  • Alter Ego Fitness offers Boot Camps throughout Gainesville, Stadium classes at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, and a class called Ray 90X. 
  • Gainesville Health and Fitness ffers Boot Camps and other small group classes.
  • Checkout Carlton’s class at the Northwood YMCA, it’s guaranteed to put you to the test.
If you’re looking for a more private workout, you can always hire a personal trainer who specializes in this type of fitness or you can invest in a home fitness program such as P90X, Insanity, or Power 90. Visit for some great home fitness programs.
Take your pick and you are sure to find the right extreme program to help you achieve your goal. Keep in mind, you should consult your physician before starting a new exercise program, drink plenty of water, and stretch. 


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