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Extreme feminists at U. of Oregon call pink tools 'sexist'

For five extreme feminist graduate students at the University of Oregon, the most pressing problem for them lead to the creation of a “Feminist Museum” to highlight the “severe lack of female representation in art galleries across America.” The Museum features exhibits titled “The Pinking of Things” and “Turn-Ons.”

U of Oregon feminists say pink tools are sexist
Weasel Zippers

Mattie Reynolds, one of the creators of the Museum, said, “I have this huge problem with going into hardware stores and seeing these traditionally 'male' tools that companies make applicable to women by making them pink.”

The exhibits showed examples of toys and tools and a variety of other objects the Museum's creators apparently think are sexist because they happen to be pink. I would have never have guessed that a toy dinasaur is sexist because it is made of pink plastic. Is the pink-colored Barbie Ferrari that Barbie drives also sexist because of its color? Oh, I forgot, Barbie dolls are entirely sexist anyway. What am I thinking. I guess I”m just not politically correct.

I've seen those sexist pink tools in action. Or should I say they were good for inaction, and looking sexist when shown in their case?

I remember a few years back, while visiting my sister and helping with a project at her house, she had such a set of those “sexist” pink tools. But my sister didn't complain about the pink color meaning they were sexist, we actually found it humorous they painted them pink to sell them to women. But her primary complaint about the “sexist” tools was not the pink color, but their lack of quality. Using the hammer for the first time to pound a few nails, the head of the hammer actually broke off. The “sexist” tools were poor quality. My brother-in-law had to borrow a “real” hammer from a neighbor to enable us to get the job done.

If there was anything sexist about those tools, it was their low quality and the inherent assumption by their maker that women don't need as high quality tools as men do, and not the pink paint they colored them with.

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