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Extreme fasteners perfect for easy home improvement: Achieve a beautiful abode

Get any home improvement accomplished in a snap without tools
Get any home improvement accomplished in a snap without tools
Scotch Brand

Summer has finally arrived and with it the sunshine beaming in on the many home improvement projects waiting to be accomplished. Imagine being able to repair and improve the beautiful abode without a nail, screw, hammer or drill. Scotch Brand has made home improvement projects fun, easy and quick with their new Fastening products perfect for outside extreme conditions as well as indoor improvements too.

Great fastener products to make home improvement easy
Scotch Brand

Reusable closures that work even in the toughest, heavy and adverse elements of rain or a bathroom

The new Scotch Brand Fasteners and Bundling Straps are crafted to take on the weight of the world. Tested and proven, the new Scotch Extreme Fasteners are super strong made to lock with three times the strength of Velcro Industrial Strength Fasteners.

"Designed to withstand even the harshest conditions once bonded, such as rain, mud and dirt, Scotch Extreme Fasteners are reusable closures that feature 3M Dual Lock Technology that click together to secure heavyweight items up to ten pounds in place. They resist wear and tear to hold bulky and heavy items such as fire extinguishers, tool kits, light fixtures and more, to difficult surfaces in the home, garage, yard and boat."

Without a nail or screw simply mount items in place easily.

Whether inside or out the Fasteners and Bundling Straps are designed to use to secure items around the home; use them in the garage‚ office, bathroom, kitchen and even in the car.

Extreme Fasteners; "Scotch Extreme Fasteners tackle tough hanging and mounting jobs." For objects up to ten pounds.

  • Perfect to hang fire extinguishers for quick and easy access
  • Keep tools handy mounting them to create an organized workshop in the basement or garage.
  • Hang jars on the wall to store small craft materials, nuts, bolts, etc for easy usage.
  • Attach pots of flowers to a fence or the siding.

Outdoor Fasteners; "The all-weather fastener that holds strong even when wet and dirty. Perfect for hanging items outside the home and around the patio. For objects up to five pounds."

  • Attach a mailbox to the home.
  • Perfect for hanging bird houses and feeders.
  • Keep cushions neatly in place and from sliding off of outdoor furniture.
  • Hang a beautiful wreath on the door ready to change out for each new season.

Indoor Fasteners; "Use Scotch Indoor Fasteners to mount frequently used household items so they’re always handy. For objects up to three pounds."

  • Mount pictures and decor easily to the walls.
  • Attach small under cabinets touch lights.
  • Keep the kitchen accessories easily in reach for quick use.
  • Perfect to keep flashlights ready for an emergency.
  • Attach cube furnishings together to create a wall unit.
  • Remote Controls can be kept neatly in one place.
  • Dress a wall hung sink up with a skirt neatly fastened around it to hide the pipes and hide storage underneath.

Bundling Straps and Hangers; No more tripping over unsightly cords. The self-fastening Scotch Bundling Straps perfectly organize electrical cords, cables and more from becoming a tangled dangerous mess.

  • All of those electrical cords can now be bundled easily for quick access when needed.
  • No more mess of unsightly cords dangling behind a desk when they are neatly bundled.
  • Hang up rope and hoses neatly bundled and ready to go.
  • Holiday lights will no longer be twisted into a knot when they are stored away with a bundling strap.
  • The garage organizer can bundle items up to 20 pounds; perfect for heavy hoses.

Imagine getting the home improvement projects accomplished in record time with no fuss or mess. Enjoy the ease of having everything neatly fastened and bundled in place. Organize the home to look neat and beautiful and the rest of your life will be beautiful as well. Never be afraid to dance!

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